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Default Re: Another Gerbil Cage Question

You would need something bigger and deeper than that. Popular housing for gerbils are the Skyline falco 100cm and the Living World Eco Habitat - 100cm and 120cm. Both have the scope for very deep bedding (which gerbils need) and climbing. They are extremely active and jump high!

The 100cm Falco doesn't seem to be sold on Zooplus any more (and it is very expensive - it's a 100cm glass tank with a barred top). The Eco Habitat is but it's out of stock - I think you can get the medium or large size (100cm or 120cm) on Amazon. Have a look at the owner photos and reviews on Zooplus - there are some for gerbils.

Other than housing I don't know much about gerbils - my sister had one as a child and we spent our week-ends throwing garden netting all over the room trying to catch it! So I guess you'd need a high sided playpen area for out of cage time. It got in the cupboards, flipped the lid off the biscuit tin and was in there eating all the biscuits, before it disappeared behind the boiler. When my sister reached in she got hold of it's tail and the tail came off in her hand! She was horrified. Apparently they can shed their tails to avoid being caught I assume, but it's not that good for them.

Anyway anecdotes aside - if you want gerbils, and they have a lot of fans, then something that can hold 30 to 40cm deep bedding with plenty of space, a branch in it maybe and some underground tunnels set in the bedding, is the way to go.

There are a couple of videos of some gerbils in Eco Habitats here

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