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Default Re: Mice in 10 gallon? Is that ok?

I don't know much about mice - I have seen on a mouse forum a 10 gallon possibly being the minimum but 20 gallon would be better. I also think it said cages are better than tanks, for the reasons Racinghamster says - the difficulty is finding cages with small enough bar spacing. Which should be 6 to 7mm maximum. The Savic Mickey 2XL is a mouse cage with mouse bar spacing - 7mm bar spacing - it's a great cage and I use it for a dwarf hamster.

However, there are places where the spacing is slightly bigger than 7mm so they would need blocking off or cable tying. And even then mice have been known to squeeze through 7mm (especially baby ones) so really 6mm bar spacing is needed.

Are you in the Uk or US? I am guessing in the US by mention of the 10 gallon tank. The Savic Mickey 2XL is available there but it costs about $140! I don't think there are any other cages with mouse bar spacing - possibly the Marchioro Kevin but that is just as expensive and very hard to find now.

There are a couple of cages in the Uk with 6mm bar spacing If that helps! Both of which would be good for mice.

I think most people do end up using tanks due to problems with cages and bar spacing. so the lid would need to have lots of ventilation - 6mm mesh is mouse mesh and would be better than something with very fine mesh which would have less ventilation.

And as RH says - the cats mustn't be in the same room really. Mice like climbing and wrapping their tails round things so a taller tank and a wood branch in it are good I believe.
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