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Default Re: Weird lesions on Dora - vet unsure 😔

I thought our last Hamster Charlie would go on forever. He had a blip at aged 2 and it turned out to be teeth problems and difficulty eating and he improved after that. He was fine at 2 years 4 months. He lived to 2 years 8 months but as with old people, diseases end up starting as organs start to get older and fail. So old age does catch up with them. Charlie was nipping about right up to 2 weeks before he went. So it's maybe time to be prepared for accepting she is in her twilight years and make the most of all the time she is with you. It is rare for them to live to 3 years old. It would be about the equivalent of 120 in human years! Hamsters are considered as ageing from 18 months onwards.

Hopefully she will get past this as Cypher says. It's hard when it's their time but nice in a way if they pass peacefully in their home one night in their sleep. Not always possible - we had to help Charlie on his way. All is uncertain but the main thing is treating any conditions and keeping her comfortable so she can live her life and enjoy it.
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