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Default Re: Tips on a new hamster ?

Russian Dwarfs are my favourites! As Serendipity has said, you’ll need a minimum cage size of 70 x 40cm; the Duna Multy, Hamster Heaven, Criceti 15, Grosvenor, Ruffy 2, and P@H Extra Large wire cage are all good options and Wilko currently have 100x40cm Christmas tree storage bins for 10. Russian dwarfs love love love to burrow and need at least 10cm of substrate or as much as the cage base will allow.

Dwarf hamsters also love sand so make sure to give your hammie a sand bath at all times. The best substrates for burrowing are woodshavings (pine is totally safe in the UK), Fitch, or Carefresh. You can put thin layer of hay inbetween layers of substrate as well to add more stimulation and help strengthen their burrow. sYou’ll also need a lot of wooden chews (unpainted, natural looking ones are best), hides (mine love coconut houses), and bendy bridges. Ferplast tubes are also popular with my hamsters.

I feed my dwarf hammies on Harry Hamster, supplemented with dried herb and flower mixes, millet, and dried mealworms, dried shrimp, and freeze dried chicken for extra protein.
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