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Default Re: Tips on a new hamster ?

Congratulations on your future ham!
When you bring your hamster home you should let them settle in for 3-5 days. Think of it from your point of view. They were just in a different place, maybe with other hamsters or siblings, with familiar sounds and smells but then they got transported into a new area with diffent looks, sounds, and smells. While they are settling in, you can talk to him/her to get them used to your voice and you being around them.
You can also get your ham used to you with the tissue trick. The tissue trick is were you get some plain, unsecented tissue and put it up your sleeve for a few hours or rub your hands on it. Then, you can put it in your hams cage. This will get them used to your scent.
Do you know what species of hamster you are getting? Male or female? Im edited to see your hamster!
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