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Default Mice Cages?!? Please help!

Hello! Ive been having a lot of trouble lately finding the right cage for mice. Iím looking to get some around January/ February, but all the cages Iíve found donít work, or wonít ship to where I am. For example, I was really looking forward to trying out the ďFun Leon Small Pet HomeĒ from zooplus, and it was such a bummer when I found out if didnít ship to where I lived. I went looking further but couldnít find anything. All I found were multilevel rat cages with wired floors. The bar spacing were either too big or the grated floors just arenít right. (Iím pretty sure grated floors arenít good all around- Bumblefoot?). I was wondering if anyone knew good multilevel mouse cages where the levels are plastic and the cage ships to the US. I know a tank is an option, but Itís much harder to clip all their toys onto the mesh top than on a cage with bars. Thanks!
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