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Aww, what a wonderful idea to have all of the newest members of your amazing hamily together in one thread, BP! I am enjoying all of their updates and totally adorable pics. Feliks is such a character eating his monkey nut. My favorite is the "being nosey" one though; his expression just made me crack up laughing so hard. Love it!!! I'm so sorry that Veikko had a prolapsed cheek pouch, but I'm so relieved that he recovered from the anesthesia well is all better now after the surgery. I can just imagine how scary that must have been for you and hamdad - hugs to you both. I had to giggle that Veikko enjoys his playtime so much that it usually ends with him slumbering in his egg box surrounded by treats, lol. That must be one of the cutest sights ever. I love his "keeping up his strength" pic most of all - such a great photo and makes me smile. Keep eating your greens and filling your pouches and tummy, cutie pie. Delphia is absolutely lovely; I'm so pleased that she has so much confidence again. I am so sorry that she bit you and hope she outgrows that habit soon, but I just couldn't help but laugh that she is a mini piranha and is refusing to be potty trained. She is quite the character, lol! She is SO gorgeous; I especially love her "butter wouldn't melt" photo; it really shows off her lovely coloring, fluffiness, and heart-melting eyes. Aww, awwww. . . Happy Belated 1st Birthday, Feliks!!!! I'm sure that he had terrific birthday, and you all had such a great time celebrating his special day with him. He looks so pleased with himself and all the spoiling he received yesterday. I totally love all of his birthday pics and the wonderful, personalized card with his name on it. I especially love his second, birthday photo with him turning away slightly embarrassed and "blushing", lol. He is TOO cute. I hope that the rest of his presents arrive as expected today and all of you are able to continue celebrating his amazing 1st year. Arwen and Hinata send happy birthday whisker kisses to the birthday boy, and I send him extra cuddles, too. Please tell all of your hamily that I absolutely think they are just TOO precious and they give me so much cuteness overload. Cuddles to all of your adorable, lovable hamily.

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