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Default Odd Water bottle behavior

I have had my Long Haired Syrian (Louie) for almost two years now and up until recently I have had no issues with his behavior. He has been aggressively fixated on his water bottle and I am a bit concerned. It started when he chewed through the Velcro that attached the bottle to the side of his tank about a week ago. Since then I have been standing his water in a cardboard tube. I didnít think much of it until I caught him trying to pouch the entire end of the bottle. (When I say this I mean he was grabbing it with both of his little paws and was trying to repeatedly shove the whole large glass bottle in his pouch starting at the tip over and over again; It was honestly almost disturbing to watch ) since then I have seen him do this a couple of times and I often come home to his water bottle being ripped out of the holder and spilled all over his bedding. Not really sure what to do and itís kind of freaking me out. Any thoughts/ advice?
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