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Can't believe I have only just seen this thread, so lovely to catch up with all your sweet boys and Delphia.

Pleased to hear that Feliks is no longer screeching, plus lovely to see how handsome he has become plus he looks so fluffy. Its sweet to her and see how determined he is with monkey nuts - I have to crack them slightly for Treacle otherwise she will ignore it.

Veikko does look like a relaxed and chilled out hammy - so sweet hearing that after a forage during his playtime that he will full asleep in his easter egg box. Sorry to hear tha Veikko had a prolapsed check pouch - glad that your vet could see him immediately plus managed to put his pouch back in place. Love the photo of Veikko chilled out on his rainbow bridge with one leg off the side!

Beautiful photos of the gorgeous Duchess Delphia. Females can be a bit of a terror, but by their innocent expressions you wouldn't expect it. Glad he confidence grew after her move into the hammy room - obviously enjoying having lots of boys around Sounds like she has a huge personality inside her dainty body!

Looking forward to hearing more update and photos of your hams.
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