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Default Play well, Charming.

Charming, I've had to upload a very old picture (which is kind of blurry) because from the day I got you, you were absolutely impossible to get a picture of. So there you go! :P

I found you in your forever sleep today. I had you a year and one day. And what a year that was! You were such a funny little guy. You loved your sleep, so, so, SO much. To this day, I'm still convinced I should have named you after the Dwarf, Sleepy, instead of Prince Charming, because that would have definitely been a like for like namesake!

You were dealt an awful set of cards when it came to health. You certianly fought a long and hard battle, but you came out on top in the end, you won the battle! You did me and yourself so proud when no one had faith in you, but I knew you could do it, I knew you would do it, your last week was full of snuggles, long runs and most of all, lots of treats.

I'll miss your little game when you were having a munch. Whenever you were spotted having a quick nom, you'd turn your back to the front of your room and wouldn't turn around until you knew whoever was looking at you went away. Even me, unless I had one of your favourite treats in my fingers, then you hung around to grab it and swiftly turned back around. I'll miss those times, it really was a great pass time considering you loved having multiple quick nom sessions in the day inbetween your much loved slumber, or inbetween your marathon runs in your wheel.

You brought a smile to my face every single time I saw you. You gave Effy hours of entertainment when you would interact with her. She misses you lots already by the way, she keeps looking for you, she searched high and low for you when I came home from the vets, when I told her you weren't with me, she went and lay down ontop of your lid and went straight to sleep, she wishes you were still here just as much as I do. You're not coming home to me, but you're going to be able to run as far as you like as much as you like, with unlimited sunflower seeds.

Play well at the Rainbow Bridge, Charming. Go and find Pixie and Tinkerbell, I have little doubt they'll be waiting to take you on the adventure of a lifetime on the Rainbow Bridge. Killian sends his love too, he will be with you again when his time comes, but hopefully not too soon!

I love you, my Charmy-Warmy. I'll never forget you.
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