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Originally Posted by hamsterbasil View Post
What is her cage like? Sometimes if they aren't comfortable in their houses, then they are more skittish and harder to tame. Does she have enough hides and tunnels to escape to if she feels scared?
Have you tried keeping a tissue in your sleeve for a day, then ripping it up and leaving it in her hutch? This helped my shy hammie get used to my scent.
Have you tried sitting with her in a play pen, bath, or safe hallway? I heard of the hallway method in a thread a few weeks ago. This can help them get used to you.
Sometimes taking it really slow and not rushing it is the best thing to do. My hammie took a very long time to tame due to his skittish and scared nature, and I thought it would never happen!
I have three hideaways for her and a wheel. One of the hideaways is a bendy bridge and I also have a log for her to hide and have fun with. She started recently hiding her food in one of the hide always and only eating in there and she really likes the one she sleeps in. Originally she was sleeping under her wheel but she has stopped at now which I personally think is good. I tried the tissue and it didnít work well she just kind of moved away from it but I havenít tried the bathtub one. Trying to get her out of the tub is actually really hard and stresses her out way to much. I canít even take her out to clean her tank cause she freaks out so I have to do it with her in it.
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