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Default Re: All About My Treacle

Thank you mangoandmimi, cypher, BorisPasha, dreamtree1234, Thin Lizzy, pinkpixie, Coco61, Sasha04 and Serendipity7000

Treacle is making very light work at her hedgehog has chewed most of the front just has the thicker part remaining!


My Mischievous Old Lady

Treacle has also been doing marvellously too and is still being her mischievous self.
It lovely that as soon as she hears my voice even if Iím talking to Liquorice I hear some rustling coming from her nest and then she come racing over to her cage door or the part of her cage Iím nearest too - then the begging begins for treats. This has caused her to start bar chewing now when she doesnít get treats so I have had to attach cardboard to the front of her cage where the door is to break this bad habit!

This is how her cage currently looks like with her new toys in - she has been throughly enjoying them all. Fortunately she is very easy to spot clean as she pees in her sand bath and hides her poos beneath her nest - so she pleased that her cage isnít messed with too much.
So here are the photos of her cage set up - her nest in the back left corner beneath the Fitch and tissues!

I tried to get some photos of Treacle with her train for the Christmas Photoshoot but she way to quick and all my photos ended up blurred however she loves it - races through it plus looks very sweet peeking out of the window like she driving it - adorable. The other day whilst in her cage I tried to get some photos and this was the result - as you can see despite her age way to quick!

And finally her a photo of Treacle enjoying her wheel - her stiff back legs donít slow her down in the slightest!

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