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Question DIY Material Questions

Hi guys!

So, I have a couple DIY projects coming up for Monty, and I wanted some advice on materials.

First, I wanted to make a material house for him. I'm not sure what materials, if any, are safe. Any advice what to use? I'll be sure to test Monty on chewing nature with the material in a play session before making the final product to be 100% sure it'll be safe.

The other project is a DIY cage, and my Grandpa, who is helping me, suggested half inch plywood. Is this going to be safe to use, and if so, what is the best way to make sure it is safe when building it.
I've been inspired by Erin's Animals 'The Beaker' cage on YouTube, but we want to make this a fairly cheap build, so solid pine is not the best option for us. Any other recommended safe wood materials we could get cheaply in England for this build would be amazing!

Thanks guys!

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