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Default Re: The Metallica Chronicles

It's been a while since I last updated this thread and since then, as some of you know, Lucas had to be put to sleep due to the effects of his illness. He was a sweet soul and is buried with the other Metallica Hamsters in the garden.

Our other diabetic, Cora is still doing well. She was a bit unhappy recentely when I moved her cage away from James and next to Juno but now I've moved her back she's back to her usual self.

45351200_1005768642939786_7420930260230733824_o by Metallica Hamstery, on Flickr

James was paired to his fifth wife and got his cheek bitten and although he recovered quickly from that, he developed a respiratory issue that concerned me for quite a while. He has pretty much recovered from that and is in the process of being paired with Charlotte but things aren't looking too promising at the moment. After this pairing he will be retired and his sons Jack and Alex will be next up for pairings.

45462752_1007700056079978_6460225653269594112_o by Metallica Hamstery, on Flickr

There is one Chinesey at Metallica that hasn't actually been formally introduced to you all yet... Lilliput's Mr John Bates at Metallica arrived on 27th September and made his debut on the show team a month later, coming fourth in the entire show. He was also awarded his first Certificate of Merit.

45145524_1004261699757147_7513701184457146368_o by Metallica Hamstery, on Flickr

John Bates is usually referred to as JB rather than John.
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