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Default How to Care for an Aging Syrian

I have a Syrian hamster who's about 20 months old now, and he's just starting to show signs of old age. His skirt is pretty much gone; he runs a little slower on his wheel; he seems to sniff me for a lot longer now, like he doesn't recognize me; and when I open the door to his cage, he comes out and just kind of saunters around the room for a little bit before climbing back in his cage; he naps a lot more throughout the night). Other than that, he's pretty healthy. He eats normally, his teeth and nails are fine, he doesn't have any bald spots or noticeable pain or trouble breathing. I was wondering if there's anything special I need to start doing now that he is getting close to 2 years old. I know ErinsAnimals on YouTube has a few videos on caring for an older hamster, but I don't think he's at the point where he needs to eat soft foods or move to a smaller "retirement" cage. Also, is there anything I should be watching out for with him? He's never been aggressive, but could that change as he gets older?
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