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Default Questions about mice and were to get them

Hello! So lately Iíve been looking into getting a mouse. Iíve wanted one for a few years now but never had the right things needed to keep one properly. Now the opportunity has arrived!! I am extremely excited, but first I needed to do my research. I was looking around and couldnít find too much about the care of mice. I found a few general things like females have to live together (except in extremely rare cases specific to the mouse itself) and males live separately, but I couldnít find anything like when to clean out the cages, whatís the minimum cage sizes (Iím not going to get a cage exactly at the minimum, just making sure to get the right sizes) and what foods to feed them etc. I was wondering does anyone have any good websites or general knowledge on all those sort of things?

Iím also trying to find a place to get my mouse. The only breeders I can find are at least 5 hours away and thatís not fair on the mouse and driving that far is a bit crazy in one day. I definitely do NOT want to ship a mouse because I think it is extremely cruel in the mouse. Adopting mice is not much of an option where I live as well. The only places to go are chain pet stores for feeder mice. I refuse to go there because of the treatment of the animals and feeder mice arenít bred to be pets (which iím sure you know) so they are more prone to diseases and things like that. Does anyone have any ideas on where to get my mouse/mice?
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