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She's back in her cage! She didn't like the mini duna one bit and I'm not surprised. Here she is with her whimzee. She already has the alligator in her cage but loves the toothbrush so much I decided to limit it to playpen time, but then she spent the entire time gnawing it! Felt a bit awful and popped it back in the cage - she dashed out, grabbed it and hauled it down the cork tunnel into one of her nests. That's the last I'll be seeing of it for sure! She seems to be slowly moving from the 3 compartment nest into the underground shoebox on the right by carrying one piece of clean & cozy there from the original nest at a time lol, even though I already put a huge pile in for her!



ETA: Forgot to add this one in! This is her veggie bar/treat shelf where she finds her veggies every day.


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