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Default Re: All About My Treacle

Thank you so much Sasha04, Coco61, cypher, Rads, Serendipity7000, Thin Lizzy and BubbyandHamper for your warmest of welecome to Treacle. She has been a great help to me throughout my grieving - she managed to make me smile with her special personality. I am loving having a Russian again, she made be realise how much I missed having a Russian their is something so special about them despite being smaller than Syrians they have equally as big personalities.


New Wheel and Alligator Wrestling

Treacle's new wheel has arrived she has a nice wooden cork lined Trixie wheel, that I had been painting with clear plastikote so she hasn't yet got the wheel in her cage as I'm allowing the paint to dry. She will get her new wheel in her cage probably tomorrow as I will have to figure out how to fit it in so it wont fall on her when she burrowing.

Treacle has been enjoying attacking her whimzee alligator - here is some photos of her chewing it up...

I think Treacle is winning the fight!

She is still demanding her daily treats, whenever she see me she rushes over to the door in eager anticipation and doesn't understand the phase "that is all!". So will start to chew the bars to get my attention to give her more and puts on all the charms.

Since Treacle has been home our bond has really grown and we enjoy some cuddles and whisker kisses. Although she only likes to be handled for a short time at the moment as she there is more fun to be had in her cage. The funny little quirk Treacle has is that she is very vocal and make chirping noises as she exploring I must admit did really make me worry at first as I thought she was ill and also she sleep in one of four places - where she will move to different spot throughout the day so it always a guessing game to see where she will emerge from next!


Quick Question - For those of you who have Russians what treats do other healthy treats can I give her? As it been a long time since I had Russians - Treacle currently get - peanuts, mealworms, flax/linseeds, mealworms, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pistachios plus a few other types of nuts. Which is a varied selection but as she loves her treats I thought I would see what else she could try!
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