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Default Re: Replacing silicone sealant?

Originally Posted by ToastieHammy View Post
Hi guys sorry for the late reply! Out of panic, I decided to buy a temporary cage (the savic plaza so relatively large) and just redo the sealant as I knew this was safe. Just moved her back into the cage a couple days ago and no corner chewing so far! Hoping that was a fun game she's decided isn't that exciting anymore, but if it does start again I will look into steel or pine reinforcements!

And Alpacassei, yes I mostly followed Vanilla Ham Ham's tutorial but used the larger sized tables (120cm x 60cm), and I also cut to size some perspex and made slots down the sides and base (if that makes sense!) to slot it in so it can easily be taken apart. The lid I made I'm planning on replacing as it definitely doesn't have enough ventilation, so I'm going to get a piece of white laminated chipboard, cut most of the middle section out and use wire mesh
Iím glad sheís lost interest in corner chewing now!

For mine, I think Iím going to use mesh for the front so thereís better ventilation (gonna have a 30cm panel at the bottom front tho to stop substrate escaping), Iíll make the lid the same as yours!
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