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Default Re: My African grey (Congo) parrots

I know the genetics of my breeding pair of parrots. Both parrots were from separate breeders and dna tested and came from different bloodlines.

The rescue part, was the female had been returned to the breeder as she was aggressive to the people who brought her from the breeder.

They had pulled her flight feathers out, so she can’t fly. If the feathers had been cut/trimmed properly they would have regrow 6 months later. She had been kept in a tiny cage with a swing and a bell. No other toys and fed a really bad diet. Mainly sun flower seeds, no fruit or vegetables. It was the neglect that likely caused her aggression.

Within days of me adopting her. She was in a big cage, eating a healthier diet and having playtime outside her cage. She was not aggressive with me, while living indoors. She is only aggressive, when she has chicks, which is normal (protecting her chicks).
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