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Default Re: Replacing silicone sealant?

You could try placing a hemp mat on the floor of the cage underneath the substrate to block off the silicone? They make a 120x50 cm one and theyre hamster friendly.

Try giving her a full cage cleanout and set-up change, if its been a while since she last got a change of set up she could be bored? Also make sure her wheel is working properly since hammies chew as a way of burning excess energy they cant run off.

If that doesnt work then you may have to replace the silicone with steel angles though. She’s has plenty of space so she’s probably chewing the silicone because she thinks it makes an interesting toy so hopefully she’ll lose interest if you replace the silicone with steel or plastic angles.

Also off topic but did you follow Vanilla Ham Ham’s Linnmon tutorial or use yourvown design? I’m going to be making 2 Linnmon cages soon so I’m just looking for inspiration.
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