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Question When to start introducing a new hamster to a playpen?

Hi all!

New hamster owner here, just rescued a year old syrian girl called Summer and still trying to figure everything out!
I have only had her a week now and have just started the taming process. I have yet to be able to pick her up but she isn't afraid of standing on my hands and is doing very well so far! However, I have noticed she has a lot of pent-up energy which she releases by running around the cage like a rocket, so I thought it would be nice to give her something different to do by putting her into a playpen.
As I am not able to pick her up yet, is it worth trying to put her in a playpen by coaxing her into something I can pick her up in, or should I just wait until she's comfortable with being handled? Is a week too soon to take her out of the environment she's comfortable in?

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