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Default Re: Switch (the story of two hams)

Poor Cookie and Pebbles, their lives are SO upsetting and quite disturbing. My heart is breaking for these little ones. The most upsetting thing is that some hammies and animals in general are forced to live in such horrendous conditions and become abused by their owners. I was in total shock and appalled when I went to the pet store a few years ago and found out that hamster halters with leashes were being sold there. Apparently, they were such a popular item. It is also terrible that Sarah shook her hamsters and threatened to starve them for the rest of the week. I really hope that Pebbles and Cookie don't end up killing one another. I am really, REALLY sad now and worried about your characters. I would love to say that they aren't real as they are just characters in your story, but I know in my heart that hamsters are living like that and being tormented in so many ways all the time. Besides being an awesome story plot with amazing characters, I think that your story is extra wonderful and special because it makes the reader become more aware of hamster feelings and hopefully will make some people change the way they care for their hamsters and all of their pets. One day, you should try to publish this story so you can help change lives for hamsters and educate hamster owners in a way that they may actually make positive changes in their care for their little ones. That would be a real blessing indeed. Thank you so much for creating this story, Biscuit. You are awesome!

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