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Default Re: Switch (the story of two hams)

Thank you so much! You are all so nice!


Back at cookies view

I woke up to find Pebbles staring angrily at me. "Hey, what's up Pebbles?" I asked. "I found out, cookie that you've been raiding the food bowl. EVERY SINGLE EVENING?!" Her voice had turned into a screech now "I thought I could trust you cookie! You're saying that they give us four tablespoons every single day and you take a tablespoon all for yourself? HUH?" I just layed there, what a unpleasant situation to be in. " I'm going to kill you cookie!" I thought it was just another hollow threat. That is until I started to crawl out of my box and she launched herself at me.

A thousand thoughts flew through my mind, is this really how I'm going to go death by my own sister? I mean we are Syrians we shouldn't have been living with each other anyway. I was actually scared of my own sister in even though I thought I never be. Instincts quickly kicked in and I scurried out of the way of her attack. She was fast to come at me again though this time her teeth sunk into my back. I pushed her, barely noticing the pain. I really didn't want to hurt her but equally didn't want to die. I was a blur of teeth and claws I was finally on top of her I was breathing heavily and drops of blood dripped down me " Please Pebbles let's not fight. We're all we got left." I jumped off her she stood up and walked away. "Don't be so sure you'll win next time cookie!" She yelled over her shoulder. "Let's not make a next time!" I cried to her but she was already limping into her house.

I surveyed my wounds, nothing to bad it was already scabbing up. Only a few scrapes I just hoped Pebbles was okay, I would never forgive myself if I killed my sister. I crawled up the tubes they scraped my wounded sides, I was fully aware that I could easily get stuck in one of the tubes. But I didn't care every inch of wiggle room mattered in this tiny critter trail. Once I got to the top there was a tiny little room no bigger then my cardboard box that I liked to spend my time in. I knew that since Pebbles woke me up early the children were sure to be awake. I sat there for who knows how's long. Until I heard stomping and chattering and I knew the children were coming

Quickly I grabbed I slid down the colorful tunnel. I didn't care how angry Pebbles was no hamster should have there house tipped over while there sleeping. I was able to get to Pebbles hut very quickly. "Pebbles you got to wake up! The children are coming" She jumped out of her hut. I was relieved to see that she only had a few tiny scratches. At first I thought she was going to fight me again but she just said coldly,"Thank you cookie." At least we're at speaking terms, I thought.

The children turned on the lights. "Hello hamsters!" Little Tommy said. I stood closest to the entrance of the cage. So rough handed Tommy would get me and not Pebbles. He did indeed grab me first. While pebbles was lucky enough to get Sarah who was a little gentler. " you guys get to go to the park!" Tommy screeched and then my worst nightmare unraveled in front of me they put me and Pebbles into hamster halters. Doing the only plan I had I put tiny tommys thumb into my mouth and I sunk my teeth in deeper and deeper. Tommy screeched as loud as he could. And dropped me from three feet up.

I fell and hit the carpet hard and then ran as fast as my short legs could carry me. At tommys's screech Pebbles was dropped also. She ran with me until we realized there was no escape. Pebbles sat down hard "no no no no no no no no. She said over and over again.

I just waited. Finally as Tommy left the room Sarah got the nerve to pick us up. In each hand by our scruff. She gave us a little shake that hurt my body. "Bad hamsters no food for the rest of the week" I gulped that was five days!

I was put into my cage the only thing I yearned for in my wretched life was to be wild.

I'm not trying to have pebbles sound like a murderer just a territorial Syrian
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