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Default Re: What do you do with your Dwarf Hamster when Cleaning the cage?

Balls are definitely not a good option and I’m glad you have decided to move away from them. For cleaning out their cage you can either leave them in their while cleaning or move them to a playpen. My ham is very anxious and gets nervous very easily so I put him in a playpen while a clean. My past ham was quite the opposite and very happy to stay in his cage while I cleaned. I think it really depends on personality and how they reacte. If you are unsure of how they will think I would put him in a playpen. When all the new and old substrate is mixed in the cage with his food, water, and a few hides hear in there, I put him back. He always has a fun time burrowing through his new substrate when there aren’t a lot of toys in there and I find it gets out some energy! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask! Hope this helps!
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