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Default Re: Emley Show (Northern) 4th August 2018

There are 10 points allocated for size Dreamtree. The standard states 'as large as possible' which is open to interpretation by the judge. As large as possible mean that the hamster should be large but correctly proportioned and correct to the type. It must not be fat or flabbly making it appear large. The body should feel firm and muscular with a slight waist. I guess the largest are around 300g but these are normally fat. A nice weight I would say is between 200 and 250g. Out of 10 I would award a smaller size 6.5 probably with an average size at 7.5 and a large correctly proportioned hamster 9.
Males are generally smaller than females and this is factored in. Certain colours often link to sizes eg creams tend to be larger and Dark greys on the smaller side.

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