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Default Re: Arwen the Mischievous Piggy Princess & Hinata Her Royal Sidekick

Wheek, wheek. . . popcorn, popcorn. . . . !!!! Thanks a bunch, Constellation!!! I'm so thrilled that you like our stringy thingy (a.k.a. THREAD); I'll be sure to wheek that to Mum and Hinata very soon as I'm sure they will be very pleased. I'm so glad that you had wonderful piggies in your life, too. We really are fantastic members of one's family, and I'm sure yours were very dear to your heart.

August 3, 2018
As some of you two-leggeds may have realized, on this day my family and I "celebrated" a day referred to as NATIONAL W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N DAY!!!! Of course, being the young piggy that I am, I had absolutely no idea what this meant. What is W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N anyway, and what does it have to do with being a little piggy? Being the very curious piggy that I am, I decided to make it my day's mission to discover what this occasion meant and why it was so special that all of us (Hinata, Eros, and I) participate in it. I have to report that both Hinata and Eros thoroughly enjoyed it to the fullest, but I still do not see the purpose of celebrating such a day dedicated to such a squishy and tasteless chunk of yuckiness. Yes, that is right; I did say yuckiness as that is exactly what W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N is to me at least. Why don't they have a National Hay Day or an excellent repeat on National Guinea Pig Day? Those are holidays that a piggy like myself can really get into celebrating every single day. In fact, since Mum did not even have a chunk of this gushy stuff, why should I? Here is how the day played out as I remember it.

Here is a picture showing that Mum lined our grand palace with a special W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N fleece to put us in a festive mood for the occasion. Don't we look adorable?

Mum greeted us with hay and lots of cuddles early in the morning as she always does and told us that we were in for a big treat today and she was so excited for us. After giving us a kiss, she took Hinata out of our luxurious palace and brought her to this flat thing which I believe two-leggeds call a P-L-A-T-E with this unknown thing on it. It took Hinata less than a second to begin nibbling her chunk of this reddish pink, squishy thing which I later realized is called W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N. She nibbled it in the graceful and polite way that she eats all of her yummies, moving from one end of the piece to the next in a very systematic manner. Of course, she absolutely didn't make a mess at all. She even took her time to groom her pristine fur in the middle of the experience to be sure that she looked her finest for the occasion and any photo clicking from Mum and C-A-M-E-R-A that may occur. Mum just smiled from ear to ear and began petting Hinata's fur so lovingly. She told Hinata that she truly acted like a little princess and reminded her of her Snickers. After Hinata tried a few nice-sized bites, Mum removed the W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N and told her that she didn't want Hinata to overdo it. Mum gave Hinata a few loving cuddles and placed her back into our palace. In response to this and her W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N experience, Hinata began popcorning all around our palace and wheeked that she totally loved this special day and can't wait to have it again tomorrow.

You sure do have the act of nibbling down to an art form, Hinata.

Aww, look at that face!

At hearing this wonderful news, I began to excitedly join in all of the wheeking and popcorning right beside Hinata and was really, REALLY thrilled when Mum scooped me up from our palace and told me it was now my time to try this W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N treat. I could hardly control my excitement when she gave me a big kiss and a nice, long cuddle and placed me directly in front of that P-L-A-T-E with the chunk of W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N on it. In fact, I even accidentally popcorned right onto the plate beside my VERY special treat. Luckily, I didn't land directly on top of it and squish it to mush. Although that would have been tons of fun to hear it go SQUISH and see it splatter absolutely everywhere, that will not be too princessy, if you know what I mean? Wheek, wheek!!!!

Then, it was my turn to try this most magnificent yummy, and I could feel the excitement overwhelming me from the inside out. Being the very curious piggy that I am though, I had to do my usual test for all new treats. I call it the Arwen Sniff and Nibble Bits Test; it's quite useful and you should try it sometime as it never steers you wrong. It also does add to the suspense for all of those eager two-leggeds' eyes that are just dying to see what you think about the new item. Drum roll, please. . . . just a few sniffs here. . . . snort, SNORT!!!! Eeuw, this really is NOT pleasant! Wow, how can two-leggeds actually declare today as National W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N Day? I am not impressed. In fact, I am totally disgusted with this extremely unexciting, yucky and gushy treat!!!! How could Hinata possibly enjoy it so much? Was she trying to trick me? I'm in total shock and the thought of taking a single, teeny bite of this stuff is TOTALLY unacceptable to me. I will just cunningly place my adorable face right here where Hinata's bitten off pieces are so I can fool Mum into believing that they are actually my bites. I am sure this will work if I keep my face here long enough and stare so innocently at her. Then, I heard it. I heard Mum's giggles at me as she told me that I most certainly could not fool her that easily. Of course, to plead my case of being wrongly accused of playing tricks on Mum, I looked at her with that "What's wrong Mum, can't you see that I am nibbling on this STUFF?" look. I guess I must have looked somewhat suspicious and/or mischievous since Mum just laughed even harder at me and scooped me up with tons of cuddles and kisses. Yes, Mum laughed so hard that those T-E-A-R-S came splashing down on my fur once again. Mum sure is a silly and an incredibly mushy two-legged because we both get wet at times like these. I know that these were again T-E-A-R-S of happiness because Mum was smiling from ear to ear at me as they fell from her laughing face. Even though this W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N stuff is not the treat for me, I can agree that the day went great because I enjoyed seeing the happiness in all of my beloved family members' faces. After all, happiness is truly something to wheek and popcorn about. Maybe that is why we celebrate National W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N Day. If that is the case, I must admit that it is a special day worth getting all giddy about.

I sure hope that his trick works. Yep, my mouth is perfectly aligned to Hinata's bites and I totally have that innocent look going so all should go incredibly well.

What do you mean I look totally guilty? I'm innocent, Mum!

Btw, for all of those Eros fans out there, Eros totally adored her chunk of W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N as I have previously said. She went so crazy for it that she even managed to stuff it into her magical cheek pouches for a few seconds. I have to admit that I wish I had a pair of pouches that can make things disappear, too. That will certainly prove to be an exceptionally useful trick. Oh well, I guess those magical pouches just come with her being a mischievous hammy.

Here is a picture that shows our buddy Eros enjoying her W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N. More pics of her are on her stringy (a.k.a. THREAD).

"...she fell into a deep sleep, and dreamed the dreams of the dreamtree." ~Stephen Cosgrove
Mum to Arwen & Hinata. Fur Angels Eros007 & Snickers 4Ever.

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