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Default Re: Flora & Mallow; Taming, Nervousness and potentially deaf?

Hey y'all! I thought it'd be best to update some of the stuff that's going on with the hammies, and also us as a household. Unfortunately we're going to start looking for homes for Mallow and Flora this week

They've been a joy, (especially Mallow with his mountain!) but we're having to emigrate in October/November and we can't afford to have the hamsters brought over to Sweden with us. We were quoted over 2000 to have our bare essentials moved with us (which is also out of price range so we're selling everything), and we've opted to drive to Sweden otherwise we'd have to put our cats in Cargo. We thought about taking them with us but I don't think it's fair for us to put them through several weeks of constant stress, over 20 hours of driving plus we wouldn't be able to bring their cages.

It really sucks since we were expecting to be here in the UK until at least the end of their lifespan and we've invested over 500 in making sure they have a happy life. If we knew things were going to go this way, we wouldn't have really put them through this. My main concerns are that if we put them up for adoption people are going to go for them for the cages and dump them off. I'm also concerned that Flora is going to be harder to home as he has the least attractive cage, plus he's a very typically skittish Robo and a trash pig (seriously, his cage was refreshed and cleaned 4 days ago and he's already redecorated.).

I really don't know how to go about this... I would like to re-coop some costs as obviously who ever ends up with them is going to be set for years to come and many friends with these cages. But if I ask a fee then I might not have them properly re-homed within the time frame we have.





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