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Default Re: What do I need to do with my two Russian campbells?

Welcome to HC & congrats on your two new hams

If they're not fighting then they may be alright together for a little while but even brothers or sisters tend to fall out at some point & need to be separated so you will need to get another cage ready as soon as you can.
Once separated you will probably find the more nervous one that stays hidden will gain confidence.

They aren't too difficult to please when it comes to toys, you can use simple things like cardboard toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes, egg boxes (cardboard only) with a couple of holes cut out make great hide outs & places to hide food or treats too, bendy bridges are also good as they are safe to climb on & make another nice place to hide out underneath.
A good size wheel is the most important thing, most Russians need an 8" wheel so they can run with a straight back.

They can cope will cooler temperatures more than they can with the heat but around 18-20C is about right.

Russian Campbell's (or hybrids if they came from a pet shop, a cross between Campbell's & Winter Whites) can be prone to diabetes so it is important to take care with their diet, a good dwarf specific mix (Burgess dwarf hamster harvest is ok if you're in the UK) no sugary treats or anything with honey, a little fresh veg daily (begin slowly, maybe once every few days building up gradually) is good but avoid fruit.
Mineral chews aren't necessary & aren't good for them so it would be best to remove that.
Hope that helps a bit, if you have any more questions just ask & we'll try to help.
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