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Update on Libby: The vet couldn’t hear anything wrong with Libby’s breathing. But the vet couldn’t be sure as hamsters are such tiny animals and don’t have the loudest or breaths. The vet was also surprised on how knowledgeable I was considering when I asked the vet if Libby had white tooth. The vet said just to keep an eye on his breathing and if it gets louder or worse, then come back.
Libby did really well when the vet tech was scruffing him. I did feel bad though as I forgot to get the food out of his cheeks before they scruffed him as he started to empty his cheek pouches on his own. They also said he seemed very vocal. I’m just glad everything is okay. Im planning on giving Libby his first piece of lettuce (yes, I’m going to introduce vegetables really slowly into his diet) tonight!
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