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Default Tazzie's Thread

I met Tazzie in the adoption section of P@H last night! I forgot to ask how old she is - she's one of the hams who had gone 'past the sell by date' rather than one who had been returned. She's quite a big chunk of a hamster!

Thank goodness I have a carrier - she was through the box within a few minutes of leaving the store.

She had a good go at chewing through the carrier too, I'm glad I have got a sturdy one.

Once home, she explored every inch of the cage. Everything was carefully bitten. She lost not time on getting to grips with her wheel.

She'd had a flying saucer in the pet shop, so it didn't take her long to figure it out, but it took her by surprise that the wheel didn't stop when she stopped.

The girl in the petshop said that Tazzie was always straight up to the cage door when they fed or cleaned her out - so she is not very nervous of people being around, she just hasn't been handled.

Although I intended to just leave her to settle, she does seem to like attention and so we kept popping in to talk to her during the evening. I left my curtains shut to keep the room fairly dark, so I have only got fuzzy photos so far.

She hardly stopped for hours! The way she was thundering in the wheel, I was surprised to see it still in one piece this morning.

I opened the door to put a treat in for her, and she came right over to me and had a bite at the treat, but didn't take it to start with - she seemed to expect me to sit and hold it while she ate it! Then she decided to take it off me.

She was still on the go this morning but at about 7am she decided to dig down into her Fitch - she was tunnelling around for while and although she had gone in and out of her Rodipet house through the front door several times last night, I think she decided to tunnel under it to get inside (I have got it up on stilts). Once in there, she got into the first room and pushed the roof up and down for a while, then settled down - I assume she is still in the house but I'm not sure! She's taken some food and made herself a little stash somewhere anyway.

She's very different to my previous two girls. Her coat looks very thick and she is quite round! Her head is a sort of honey colour and her nose is very pink.

I don't work Wednesdays, so I was hoping I would see her up and about through the day but I think she must have worn herself out last night.
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