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Default Re: Myachick and Dumpling Diary

Oh, wow!!! That was such a terrible fright for you; I can totally understand how you felt. The overwhelming tears of relief and joy to see your darling Myachick emerging from his hiding place and then to finally have him returned, safe and sound, to your loving hands where he belongs. . . . I am SO glad that it turned out to have a happy ending for you both. He will hopefully think twice before going on such a grand, Houdini adventure like that again; I'm glad that his pipe connection between his home and his playground is completely secure now just in case he gets any more crazy ideas. He should be fine now after monitoring him for 48 hours. Get your rest whenever you have a chance because I'm sure your hamily will be wanting to come out and play and cuddle with you, not to mention all of the sleeping they will do on you as well, lol. Huge hugs to you and lots of cuddles to your amazing hamily. Eros sends her whisker kisses to all. I am also glad that Dumpling has regained weight; that is such a relief, too. Great pics of your cutie; a year of your love and TLC sure makes a difference. He's contentedly dreaming the sweetest of dreams - LOVE IT!!!!

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