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Default Re: Hamster had chocolate :(

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
Best thing is to cut some strips of cardboard (old cereal box or something) and weave the cardboard strips in and out of the bars where he is biting. That can deter them or he may move to another area of the bars - so you add a bit more. At least if he is chewing cardboard it's good for his teeth. Bar chewing can lead to sores or broken or damaged teeth. Not heard of bamboo pegs - I'd just try the cardboard.

You never know if they've taken much food or not as they have hoards they snack from. Does he have veg each day? I use that as my guideline because the tiny bit of veg is always taken (they love a bit of fresh veg) and if that is left I would think there was something wrong.

Maybe what he licked did have some effect but he sounds active enough so just keep monitoring and hopefully he'll settle down again.

If his cage is a bit small he may be bar chewing because he feels stressed in there and wants to get out, or because something else isn't right in the cage (eg wheel too small, not enough substrate, nowhere dark to hide, water bottle not working). Because sometimes behaviour like bar chewing can be to alert you to something. So check his water bottle has water in and is working ok, his wheel isn't jammed up with substrate and won't move etc.

Hope he is fine xxx
I know he didn't take much food because I cleaned his house out and emptied it. So knew what the new bowl of food looked like

His wheel is fine, so is his water bottle. The cage is 83cm long, 43cm high and wide.

Edit: gave him some carrot and he scoffed it lol

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