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Default Re: Pet shop or breeder

I personally prefer breeders because their hamsters are usually bigger and healthier, and are not as skittish due to being treated with care,unlike what happens in pet stores.

But! Though I totally support the idea that pet shops should either not sell pets or care for them MUCH better, I don’t think that buying a hamster there is such a big problem. The price you’d pay for a hammy is nonexistent for a pet shore’s economical situation. But, if you get a ham from there, you will most likely save his life and give him a home he deserves. Whenever I enter a pet shore, my heart hurts for all the pets there and I really want to give them all a home.

So, don’t feel bad about buying from a pet store. It won’t change anything for the store, but it will change everything for the hamster.

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