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Default Re: Why does my hamster pee on me when I hold her?

Hamsters usually pee soon after coming out of their nest, so I would give your little one a few minutes to do so. I would suggest that you place her on her toilet or wait until you see her relieve herself prior to holding her. If she knows that in order to get out for playtime or cuddle time she has to go to the restroom, she will start making that her routine and it will give her incentive to go in her actual potty instead of your hand. If while you are holding her she looks a bit antsy, then she may need to relieve herself and I would set her back down in her cage, picking her up after she has used the potty. This is what I do for my Syrian Eros, and she never goes on me. It might take a little while to retrain her not to use your hand as her toilet, but she should get the hang of it soon enough. Hamsters that are very young or old have a higher tendency to have accidents, but your ham should be able to be trained not to pee on you since age isn't the issue here. I hope that this helps; good luck.

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