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Different sources and organisations will have their own minimums and will quote different figures but there is no minimum enforceable cage size within the UK. The figures quoted by the RSPCA used to be 80cmx50cm but this was removed as there was not sufficient research to back it up to make it an enforceable size. They now prefer to state 'as large as possible' leaving it more open to interpretation.
The National Hamster Council cites 1000cm2 of usable floor for a Syrian hamster and 800cm2 of usable floor space for dwarf species as the absolute minimum a hamster in any circumstances should be kept in but aside from that, it depends on the needs of the hamster. Not every hamster is happy in an 80cmx50cm cage, some need more space, others are more content with less space and this forum recognises that every hamster is different. Because of this we do not have a recommended cage size. Any sizes you see quoted will be the opinion of the individual member and do not represent any kind of ruling on the subject.
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