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Default Re: What colour is my Syrian boy?

He has some ticking on his head so he isn't a white. Also black eyes. I'm not familiar with RD in the UK so hopefully someone else will be able to tell you.
He is young so some more colour may well develop as he loses the baby coat.
He's very sweet
Thank you for the response! He appreciates the compliment I'm sure

RD? I'm not familiar with the term I'm afraid. I'm also not actually in the UK... just a little wary of sharing too much on the internet

I also didn't know more colour might develop! He's only my second Syrian, and my first's colours remained pretty constant. I'll keep a close eye on any changes then.

I also just realised that I'd posted a duplicate post under the Syrian Hamster forum - apologies, I thought I'd done something wrong with this post somehow as I didn't see it show up until now! Please do feel free to delete my other post, sorry for double-posting!
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