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Default What colour is my Syrian boy?

Hey everyone! I have some knowledge of genetics and inheritance, but unfortunately only in relation to cats and not Syrian hamsters. I'm sure there are experts here, so please get as technical as you like - I'd love to learn!

I just got a young longhaired satin Syrian boy, and I'm not quite sure what colour he is - I was told by the person I got him from that he's recessive dappled, but I'm unsure of what the base colour is. He doesn't seem to be red-eyed. He's about 5 weeks old but quite tiny - smaller than his littermates as well.

His dad is (brownish) sable with satin longhair, and his mum is a dominant spot. If it helps, the last photo shows some/all of his littermates.

Here are some photos:

His littermates:
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