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Default Re: The Metallica Chronicles

I thought I'd give a little update on everyone now that the four boys from The Cormes have gone off to their new homes.

James: James is now over two and a half and despite having a week in November when I was rather concerned about him, he seems to have picked up and is like a whole new hamster. He's attempted his own version of scatter feeding too which surprised me because he's always been rather reluctant in the past.

Victoria: She's also getting on a bit and will be two at the beginning of April. She's actually developed a lovely rich colour as she's aged and I actually contemplated putting her back on the show team but yesterday I discovered she had a skin split so she probably won't be showing.

Matthew: Matthew is nearly 17 months old and after recovering from his skin split at the beginning of January, went on to develop another one on Valentine's Day... just after I had entered him into the Bath show. He seems to be recovering okay but I'm not sure when or if he'll be showing much.

Juno: Finally Miss Juno has decided to grow a little bit more than just ears and she's actually got a nice rich colour. She's been a busy little bee building tunnels in her cage and has taken on Jessie's role as Chief Seed Distribution Supervisor.

Cora: Cora lost a little bit of condition after being separated from her babies and looked rather mousy for a while but she seems to have picked up again now. She's been a little bit skittish which is why I've not taken her to shows this year but I'm hoping she'll calm down again.

Jack: After being picked on a bit by Alex when he was a bit younger and being separated, little Jack really has begun to thrive. He now weighs in at an impressive 41g which is not only heavier than his father was at that age but also Matthew. He made his show debut last week and did reasonably well but didn't place. He's livelier and more confident than Alex.

Alex: Alex is definitely his father's son... prone to laziness and loves to cuddle. He is notably smaller than his brother Jack but I'm hopeful that he'll hit a later growth spurt like his dad. Alex has attended two shows and came home with some prize cards last week.

Louise: This little lady has been a bit slow to grow but what she lacks in size, she certainly makes up for it in character. She's cheeky, playful and intelligent and I think she'll be the perfect candidate for my attempts at having a 'trick hamster'. Louise also made her show debut last week but placed bottom of the class, despite the judge thinking she was cute.
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