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Default Re: Barney or Alaska Cage?, Opinions Please

I haven't had an Alaska cage, so I can only speak about the Barney. I have it for my Syrian hamster and he seems to love it. He never displays any stress behaviours, such as bar chewing or monkey-barring and seems very content in his home. The small front doors aren't the best (my arms are quite thick, so it can be a bit awkward, but the top door compensates for it (can still interact with my hammy, if I lay my arm flat, so it doesn't seem threatening). Also, I like the bars of the cage, they seem quite sturdy (and them being 7mm apart is suitable, if I would ever want to get a dwarf hamster in the future). The Barney also has a nice deep plastic tray, which allows me to put in lots of substrate, so my hamster can burrow.
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