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Default Re: Barney or Alaska Cage?, Opinions Please

I was sure I had posted on this thread! Maybe I forgot to press the button lol. Either cage would be good. I have the Barney for our Syrian. I also wasn't keen on the idea of wood in a cage initially,but I did what most people do on here and painted them with plastikote (which is safe and comes in clear or different colours . The house in the Barney is a good size for a syrian. But if you like the Alaska, that's good too.

I don't have a problem with the doors on the Barney - you can have a hand through the top and the front at the same time and our Syrian just comes to one of the front doors to come out (I have a log in front of it to climb up).

Having said that, it is really nice having a large front opening door and a flat roof with no doors - so you can use the roof as well - for attaching things to or tying things to.

Have you seen the Savic Hamster Plaza?! It costs a bit more but it is a 100cm cage (not quite as bulky as the Barney as less deep) and also has a front opening door. If you're planning on setting it up yourself it's a good start - maybe needs another shelf etc.

It also folds down flat like the Alaska, for storage or if you wanted to take it with you somewhere. Savic cages tend to be made a bit better than Skyline ones too, generally, with tougher plastic on the bases.

That would be my ideal cage, although as I already have a Barney I can't justify getting one really!

It's about the same height as the Alexander cage, so slightly taller than the Alaska and Barney, but with plenty of substrate in it should be fine.

The only other real differences with the cages is - the Barney has 7mm bar spacing, so could be used in future for dwarf hammies as well, if set up carefully. Whereas the Alaska and Hamster Plaza have 1cm ish bar spacing.
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