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Smile 1st dwarf hamster | Aurora

Hey everyone!

We haven't been here in a good long while but have found an excuse to return - a new hamster! Say hello to Aurora, our new Campbells Dwarf. We think she is around 4-6 months, given to us by a young friend who is moving cities and couldn't take Aurora with her. She is the first non-Syrian I've ever owned so I'm currently trying to learn more about the species.

Unfortunately, our friend bought her one of those very small store cages so we have been doing a lot of research into how to build her a Billy extension cage so she can have a lot more space to run around in, more hidey holes, toys and a bigger wheel! She's going a bit mental being cooped up in her little cage so we're hoping to get this sorted by the weekend.

Apart from the cage, we've also been shopping for a new wooden wheel, Dwarf hamster mix food, a coconut hideaway, an edible log. hamster safe sand, and some other few bits. We know about them being prone to diabetes but just wondering if there's anything else we need to know?

(Picture taken by our friend before bringing her to her new home, we are giving her some settling in time before handling/taming her! Sorry for the huge image!)

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