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Default Re: information on chinese hamster

Personalities vary a lot from one ham to another, Chinese generally can be a little timid to begin with though but with patience will soon become tame & can be lovely cuddly little pets, females tend to be a lot more active than males more often than not!
I use the 9" silent runner for mine but any wheel around 8" is fine. You do need a wheel that's easy to clean as almost all Chinese pee in the wheel, a lot!
If you use a barred cage then bar spacing needs to be no more than 1cm so do check that if you choose any barred hamster/rat/mouse cage.
They love to dig & burrow a lot so deep substrate is a must, they enjoy lots of little hideouts, tubes, cork tunnels, that kind of thing mostly & the wheel of course!
Carefresh would be ok, I use Fitch, they love it & it's very economical, a bag lasts ages. Most people go for the 10kg bag.
Hope that helps a bit, if you have any other questions just ask
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