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Default Syrian hamster (Polythemus), Surrey

Location: Wallington, Surrey

Kind of hamster(s): Syrian

Hamster age(s): DOB estimated June 2017

Reason they were abandoned /require rehoming? Polythemus was rescued, along with about 70 other hamsters, from a breeder who allowed things to get out of control.

Any health problems/special needs? He lost an eye apparently during a fight with a female he was supposed to be mating with but is otherwise healthy

Any behavioural problems? Polythemus hasnít been handled much so this needs some work but his natural inclination is to be friendly so a home with some experience should be able to win him over no problem.

Type of household hamster would best be suited to: (example, family with kids, no kids, no other pets and so on) Polythemus would like a home with some experience of hamsters, who can put the time and patience in to winning his trust.

He needs an adult handler so would not be suitable as a childís pet.

Link to rescue facility: (if none leave blank) Starlight Trust

For more information send PM on forum? (Yes/No) No
For more information send email to: (type email if preferred)

Volunteer for Starlight Trust
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