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Default Re: Cage ideal for Syrian?

Yes if it sits on the floor with no substrate under it the silent runner has anout 1.5cm clearance to the lid. but that does mean banking the substrate up so it does not jam up the wheel.

and yes I agree with you serendipity it does depend on the personality of the hamster. Nipper my new boy was a lot more nervous in the Marrakesch he was very alert to sounds so being in a tank style was not good for him so I knew I had to get him out of there. so I got him a barney and he has settled in very nicely and prefers it. so not wanting to waste an expensive cage like the Marrakesch I got a robo Zeek who loves loves loves the Marrakesch. yet Penny (syrian) who was in an Alexander chewed the bottom climbed the bars chewed the bars etc loved being in the Marrakesch and had no further signs of stressing out.

all I can do is share my experience. yes for my syrians it was big enough even without the platform, as I had to remove it as penny got older. I hope we have helped even in a small way.
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