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Default Re: 31 Days of October

Thank You Thin Lizzy and cypher. I found it so difficult losing Toffee when she was around a year old – especially as we had developed such a close bond and she was gaining more confidence. However we shared a wonderful time together and she has left me with so many special memories which still to this day I cherish.


12th – Sherbet - Snuggles

Some of you will remember Sherbet my sweet snuggly girl – she was the hamster I had when I joined HC.

Sherbet loved her beauty sleep therefore I have so many photos of Sherbet sleeping in a wide range of places – basically Sherbet would sleep anywhere - she even liked to sleep on her hammock in her cage. Sherbet was also a deep sleeper and was able to clean her cage whilst she will still fast asleep in her house whereas all of my other girls would have insisted on giving me a helping hand.

Some pictures of Sherbet asleep in her handmade snuggle pouches and a photo of Sherbet when she was still a youngster fast asleep in her house as well as a photo I managed to get of her yawning! ...

Although Sherbet favourite place to sleep when she was out for her cuddle time was snuggled around my neck! I do really miss this!

Over the next 3 days I will be sharing a few more photo of Sherbet as I took more photo of Sherbet that my other girls I found it even harder to decide on my favourite photos to share.
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