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Default Re: The Metallica Chronicles

I have come to the conclusion that my Chinese are the masters of manipulation. You already know about James being upset that I’d taken his bridge away and I think I told you about Vicky’s disapproval of a wooden level being added to her cage. This time it was Jessie’s turn... I had to rearrange the hamster room because Matthew’s tank is too awkward to put on the shelving unit. I decided I’d put Matthew’s tank on the bookcase and Jessie would move from the bookcase on to the shelving unit. I put her on the fourth shelf which is underneath Vicky and Juno adjacent to Joshua. Unfortunately Madam was not happy with this so my other option was to put her on the second shelf where Matthew’s cage had come from but that was adjacent to James, which really is the worst combination given her track record for flirting with him so I had to move James. At the moment he’s at the very top, next to the spare show pens but I could move him next to Joshua, I haven’t decided yet.

(The things I do to keep those Chineseys happy)

I had both Juno and Joshua out on Saturday for their health checks and you know how people say that Robos are the smallest species of hamster? Well Juno begs to differ. She is smaller than he is and weighs 5g less than he does.
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