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I think names and nicknames are personal to us & our pets & the individual relationships we have with them. I know with my cats that it's tone of voice they understand. They know their names of course but any slightly rude nicknames are said with love so they don't know I'm being rude abou them. One of my cats got quite fat for example so even though she has lost done weight, she is mostly called Fattie or Podge. The extremely nice lady at the cattery has an even ruder name for one of her cats & she couldn't say it with more affection. But whatever they're called, it's what we personally choose.
But the question of this thread is about a change of behaviour & I don't think a nickname has done that. From the sounds of it, she's not had the best start in life & maybe didn't get fully socialised when she was a kitten & while she may have tolerated certain things before, she's feeling out of her comfort zone & it seems to have massively unsettled her. I know it seems like a long time ago you moved but actually, I've found with my own cats that these things can take a while. But she'll feel more settled quickly having you around as her bit of stability do keep on giving her the same love & routines that she's used to & I'm sure you'll get there.
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