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Oh, ok; just wondering. I understand that she had a hard beginning and, as a result, may not have always shown signs of being the most friendly of cats and is even having troubles with that to this day. However, since you are trying to give her a fresh start and help her heal from past wounds and broken trust with others, maybe you should consider refraining from using that nickname in the future. Of course, I definitely understand and respect that it is entirely up to your discretion on what you call your pet, but I personally can't help feeling that making this change will greatly benefit the both of you. I only say this to you because I truly care about you both, and I know that you love and want what is best for your cat. Even though it is currently only meant with sarcasm, every time you refer to her with that name it probably evokes those same thoughts that made that name seem justifiable to you in the past and she can probably sense it, too. In my opinion, a name is a truly special and honored thing which reflects the good and notable characteristics (usually those that are endearing or silly qualities) and should be given with the most love and consideration for the one you are naming. Please just think about it.

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