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Question Tastes hammies don't like ...

... but obviously aren't toxic?

It's to stop (or try to!) an extremely determined young Syrian (3 months old) from trying to destroy his Zoozone 2 from the inside out. He's found the little holes which are for the hay rack and is chewing/gnawing them like a demented beaver. So far we've put little lollipop sticks over them and this has worked for 3, but he makes a beeline for the one and has chewed/removed one of the other sticks covering a hole and continually gnaws away. At this rate, he'll get out. My husband has said that if necessary he will have to bolt on (bolts poking outside of course) a thin metal sheet, because he will get out given long enough.

I was wondering if there was anything bitter tasting that we could repeatedly paint on the inside, such as lemon juice maybe, or that anti nail bite stuff, that he would find really nasty and put him off for good, but obviously don't want to poison him? Failing that he's going to the dentist ... (joke!).

He's had to be evicted out of my daughter's bedroom and into the spare room for now because he makes such a din at night, she's had no sleep. Mind you, I've not had much either with visions/imagination that he's managed to gnaw his way out, haha.

He's a very lively little chap, desperate to explore his new surroundings, but I wish he'd wait and do it on our terms and not his! Besides, the cage cost a fortune - don't want him destroying it within a fortnight!!

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